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Face-to-Face Surveys

2005 British Election Study with Mailback Face-to-Face Survey

2005 Pre-Campaign and Post-Election Face-to Face-Survey

2005 Pre-Campaign Face-to-Face Data

Internet Surveys

2005 Rolling Campaign Panel Survey Data

CSES Surveys

2005 Comparative Study of Electoral Systems Data

Campaign Graphs

2005/06 British
Election Study

Principal Investigators

2005 BES Progress Report

Advisory Board Members

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2001/02 British
Election Study

Political Choice in Britain 

University of Essex





he 2005 B
ritish Election Study Documents


British Election Study Timetable

BES Technical Report


BES Pre-wave Project Instruction

BES Post Project Instructions


BES Pre Showcards

BES Post Showcards

BES Post Telephone Wave Questionnaire


2005 Pre Advance Letter (5)

2005 Pre Advance Letter (10)


Advance Letter Post Re-contact England and Scotland

Advance Letter Re-contact (Welsh)

Advance Letter Top-up



BES Recontact ARF

BES ARF Movers







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